Dr-TeiberAccreditations and Affiliations:

What city were you born in:
Born in Dubuque, IA but grew up in Janesville, WI

Educational Background:
University of Wisconsin (BS in Zoology and DVM degree)

Why were you drawn to a career with animals:
I had a love of animals at a young age and developed an interest in medicine as I got older, so a career in veterinary medicine was perfect for me. I believe animals greatly enhance our quality of life and I wanted to help strengthen the relationship that people have with their pets.

Favorite part of the field:
Everyday is different and always learning new things

Best experience as a veterinarian:
Volunteering at a spay/neuter clinic on an Indian reservation in rural Arizona

Personal quote or saying:
“Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are”

Greatest accomplishment:
Getting my veterinary degree, my 2 sons, running a marathon

3 works that best describe you would be…
Thoughtful, Trustworthy, Patient

What makes you laugh:
My 3 year old!

Favorite movie or book:
Best in Show, The Sandlot
Pillars of the Earth and the Things They Carried

What drew you to Indian Prairie?
Excellent staff and reputation for high-quality care.